RCI Plumbing was started in 1988 by Dan and Greg Risse. The brothers are third generation plumbers. Their grandfather started Risse & Sons Plumbing in the Sacramento area in 1941. Dan and Greg’s father, Larry Risse, worked as president of Risse & Sons Plumbing until 1976. He, then left his two brothers and began Phoenix Plumbing which he ran until 1988. Greg and Dan worked for Risse and Sons Plumbing throughout high school and for 6 years after until leaving with their father to Phoenix Plumbing where they worked until 1988 until they started RCI Plumbing Incorporated. From day one the brother’s plumbing experience has been in multistory apartment and commercial plumbing where they learned the value of prefabricating components of plumbing systems. Quality control and savings in labor and material are the result of this practice. It allows for competitive bidding and keeping up with fast track scheduling which are standard in the industry. Family-owned and operated business with a history of quality and integrity has allowed RCI Plumbing to forge long term relationships with its customers.

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