Water & Sewer Line Re-pipes

As old galvanized iron water lines age, the interior of the pipes gets clogged with mineral deposits. Hot water temperatures accelerate the growth of these deposits. The mineral build-up affects the water quality, and indeed has an impact on the quantity of water the pipes can deliver. Removing old galvanized piping with an opening of perhaps only a 1/8 of an inch from mineral deposits forming on the interior of the pipe is common. Rust and corrosion degrade the piping making repairs very difficult. A complete re-pipe with copper or pex piping will save money in the long run and improve water conditions.

Sewer main lines can become clogged by tree roots that intrude the pipe crack and eventually break the line. Drain cleaning is only a temporary solution; the roots grow back in a very short time. A sewer line replacement is the permanent solution. Call today for a free estimate for your sewer line replacement.

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